5 Simple Benefits to Learning A Second Language

While it is typically required in many high schools to learn a Robotel second language, you should definitely continue this course of study because there are actually a lot of benefits in the long run!  Obviously, studying another language means you can communicate with someone who lives in another part of the world, but there are more inherent benefits, too.

Learning Another Language Makes You Smarter

The basic principle is that anytime you learn something new, it makes you smarter.  When you acquire more knowledge—no matter what it is—it increases your overall intelligence (making you smarter).  But knowledge and intelligence is also about understanding what to do with this knowledge you have gained. The more you learn, the more tools you have for creatively solving problems.  For one, bilingual people have a higher recognition rate for patterns and vocabulary.

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Learning Another Language Improves Your Multi-Tasking Abilities

It is also true that people who speak more than one language are better at multi-tasking than people who only speak a single language.  Numerous studies that those who learn a second language—and the earlier in life, the better—are better at switching gears, probably because of the consistent switching between tongues.  Bonus:  This also seems to improve driving skills.

Learning Another Language Improves Your Perceptivity

There have also been studies that show bilingual adults appear to be much better at rational decision making than those who speak only one language. Experts theorize this may be due to the fact that each language we learn has its own degree of nuance and subtlety, different tones, inflections, and meanings.

Learning Another Language Improves Your Memory

Sure, anytime you learn something you improve your memory.  But when you learn new languages it affects the way your brain retains and processes information.  Its kind of like how exercise—weight lifting, swimming, etc—helps your muscles get stronger: learning a new language is like exercise for your brain.

 Learning Another Language Improves Brain Health

At the end of the day, then, learning another language actually helps to keep your brain healthy.  Yes, you have more intelligence and yes you have better memory, but using your brain to its fullest capacity ensures optimal health as well.  And while that is excellent day in and day out, this has long term benefit, too, in terms of keeping dementia at bay a little longer.

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