Advance Your Career with Mold Inspector Certification

Mold causes numerous health problems in people who may not even suspect that it is within the walls of their homes or office buildings. When you complete mold inspector certification, you can add another service to your current business or take your career in a new direction. With our intensive course, you can learn everything you need to know about becoming and succeeding as a mold inspector.

Our online course includes multimedia activities and covers 30 hours of information that you will need to know to be a mold inspector. In fact, it is one of the most comprehensive and in-depth mold assessment courses currently available. There are 15 sessions in the course, and when you finish the online final exam and turn in a mold inspection project, you will be recognized as  having MICRO CMI certification, which is a nationally-known certification.

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You can complete any of the 15 modules in this course at any time of the day or night, whenever studying fits into your schedule. You are not bound by a certain time limit to complete the course, and you are able to review as much as you want. You can also call your instructor if you have any questions about course content.

The course materials included, but are not limited to the MICRO Inspection Manual, the Toxic Mold Solutions DVD, OSHA rules and regulations, EmLab Mold Report Packet with 5 free Spore Trap Analyses, Helpful Tips for Homeowners brochure, and other content, such as HVAC Systems and Indoor Air Quality, Moisture, Mold and mildew, and Should You Have Your Air Ducts Cleaned. In addition to the course content, your fee for the course includes exam and certification fees and a 1-year MICRO membership.

Subjects you’ll learn about in the course include Indoor Air Quality, Types of Mold, Health Concerns, Building and Material Science, Construction Issues, Structural Systems, Ventilation and Air Flow, Mechanical Systems, Tools of the Trade, Initial Customer Contact, the Exterior Inspection, the Interior Inspection, Sampling, Interpreting Results, Establishing Your Inspection business, and Managing Risk.

If you currently work as a home inspector, this certification would be very helpful to have. Others who would benefit from taking this course include indoor air quality professionals, insurance and real estate professionals, contractors, and anyone interested in a new career.

Not all mold inspector certification courses are the same. When you’re ready to learn with the best, contact us!

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