Continuous Learning for Medical Students through E-learning

Being a doctor involves more than the arduous six years of coursework offered in school especially if you want to specialize in a particular area. Technology is always evolving, and the medical field is no exception. Continuous learning is, therefore, a necessity not only for medical students but also for qualified doctors already working in health facilities. Medcom online learning offers a platform with vast resources that can be used in online learning.  Some top trends being effected in e-learning for medical students include:-

This is done on tablets and mobile phones and involves the delivery of small amounts of data. It includes text-based directives and short how-to videos through which a specific topic is taught. These last only a few minutes in most cases. Through micro-learning knowledge is impacted quickly and effectively as only a short message is delivered and therefore the learner is no overwhelmed with information.  

Mobile learning
This involves the use of phones, tablets, and laptops to deliver educational materials and online tests through the internet. It differs from micro-learning in that in mobile learning also offers a platform through which discussions can be held, and the learning materials are always on the platform for future reference. Through mobile learning, a student’s progress can be tracked without the need to have a physical classroom.  

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This continues to gain traction in the medical field, though it has been a success in most of the other fields. Gamification is the use of gaming features in a non-game setting. This increases student engagement in the learning process as they have fun as they continue learning. Games often motivate people in a way that activities such as learning do not. Students who are challenged in studying may display higher levels of persistence in a game, making it necessary to incorporate this in medical learning, as it also involves mastering a lower level before advancing to the next. This should not be mistaken as a replacement of lectures; rather, they reinforce the curriculum interactively and entertainingly.

Professionally, medical students benefit from Medcom online learning in that they can expand their skill set and respond appropriately to the changing workplace environments. This is vital because changes take place daily, with new diseases and their cures cropping up every once in a while. Manufacturers can also train on the operation of new medical equipment and presentations on new drugs are in some cases presented online. Online learning is a reliable way of saving time and learning costs besides being a convenient way of expanding your knowledge. Through online learning students and doctors can focus on the areas they have little knowledge of, to develop themselves.

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