Here’s why you must get trained in bartending and mixology

If you want to explore a career in bartending and mixology, professional training is important. Most people believe that bartenders just serve alcohol, but in the real world, they need a set of skills that extend beyond making basic cocktails and attending to guests. So, should you opt for bar and service training? Yes, we say, and here are some reasons to support this!

  1. It’s fun. You heard that right. Bartenders need to have enough knowledge about many aspects of spirits, cocktail techniques and hosting, and frankly, learning all of that can be really fun.
  2. No extra knowledge. Even a total teetotaler can become an expert of bartending and mixology. There is no need to know anything, and some of the best schools, such as École du Bar de Montréal, train people in the most professional way, so that they can take up real jobs in established institutions.
  3. You can learn at your convenience. Depending on the kind of schedule you have, you can plan your course. Professional bartending and mixology schools offer options to learn on weekends and evenings, especially if you have other commitments during the day time.
  4. Enjoy the hands-on experience. In such schools, there is little theory involved. You will learn the skills of the trade from expert bartenders and mixology specialists, and it is unlike anything you have experienced before. You can always find videos online but being trained professionally has its own merits, especially when it comes to the smaller things.
  5. Get involved in the community. Join one of the better bartending schools, and you get the chance to be a part of the professional community, where you can learn about openings, vacancies and other informative local news.

Not to forget, professional bartending and mixology training does open up avenues for better jobs. If you are someone just has some interest in cocktails and alcohol spirits, this is still a perfect way to learn more things. You will be a pro behind the bar, and frankly speaking, the salaries of bartenders are better than ever before, even if you take this up as a hobby over the weekend. Just check for the right school and find more about the things included in the training. Typically, these are not expensive courses, but again, you need to find a school that’s great on reputation and credibility. Don’t forget to check more details related to fee and other costs, if any.

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