Merits of Having a Film Making Camp for Children in Florida

Florida is one of the states that have put a lot of focus on initiatives that support the development of children’s talents and skills, and this is why  film making camp for children in Florida has become a very crucial part of the kids’ lives. The state government has been collaborating with other relevant stakeholders in making sure that every child in Florida at least gets a chance of exploiting their acting talents by being able to attend a film making camp at least once in a while. It is a good thing that the parents in this state have been very supportive of this initiative, showing how much they understand the value of such an exercise in child development. Let us then look at some of the core merits of having children attend film making camp at least at some point of their childhood.

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The very first merit is having the child’s confidence reinforced by success. With advancement and activity comes failure or achievement. Whether it is film production or practical acting, every single activity is attached to some critical tests or mini milestones. Part of the activities in a film making camp could be completely new to a child whereas others might just be extensions of the concepts they are already conversant with. Maybe they have not yet had a chance of producing a movie before or they might have done the same but have not tried to do video editing. By going to the film making camp to get practical lessons on how to produce films or how to play certain roles in a movie, the immediate outcome will be increased self-confidence. From that point, the child sets his feet out of the camp with a very strong internal support that they are compelled to try out for the school drama team, after which nobody knows whatever they will become later in life.

The film making camp in Florida is also very effective for the children’s creativity and innovation. While coding is a competency, coding an application is a show of creativity (as is developing a photography portfolio or shooting a film). In the camp, children are not given chances to fail but rather opportunity of trying new things, which, according to experts, is in itself an achievement. It is impossible to stifle creativity at the camp being that the kids do not have to mind attaining a failure grade.

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