Top Tips when going to Southampton University

Have you ever had the wonderful feeling like you are on top of the world after receiving your exam results & being accepted to the university of your dreams. There are prestigious universities in Southampton to choose from. Many people are frightened when they hear things about a new university. If you are one of these people who are feeling emotions like this right now, you are not alone! as many students are in this position. It is normal & quite common to have negative feelings towards university.

Prepare to be independent

The fact that you are getting a taste of independence & finding out that it’s not all what you expected it to be like. For example, washing the dishes, doing the laundry, buying your own food etc. What is also difficult about university is a feeling of isolation. This may seem odd considering you are mingling with thousands of students of your age, & yet, they are not like your friends back at home. Also, the campus is huge & highly developed which can make the place look a bit intimidating, the assignments you will do & learn will not be like anything you have done & communication with your lecturers & professors are hard if not impossible to do because of the sheer no of students.

Get involved

Some people hate university life because they just can’t fit in well with other people, or they find the course boring/irrelevant or, they are simply losing confidence & are missing friends & relatives back at home. If you keep yourself at a distance from people & do not participate in things like activities & clubs then yes, university life can feel like hell as you’ll end up being isolated & alone. However, all this can be averted & if you consider these assumptions. Don’t radically change & don’t be something you’re not but do little things like smiling, laughing, ease up a little etc. All this increase reputation & you will be making swarms of friends in no time. Life is a whole lot better when you have friends at university because they are there to put you through university experiences.

Get the right accommodation

Going to university in Southampton has everything to do with where you are going to live. Although universities in Southampton provide student accommodation, it is still your responsibility to get off campus accommodation if the halls of residence are not available. If you are new to Southampton, finding off campus accommodation can be challenging. This basically means you need to employ the services of a third-party agency.

This has to do with those who specialize in providing university accommodation in Southampton. You can start by asking around or simply checking on the Internet for affordable university accommodation in Southampton. Keep in mind that the location of the accommodation is very important. Choose a place that is not too far from your university in Southampton. Unilife can help you find the right student accommodation in Southampton.

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