We Offer Multiple Radon Classes

Radon can cause serious damage to the health of home owners and business owners. Through detection and mitigation, however, you can help reduce their exposure and possible health problems. To get started working in radon mitigation and measurement, we offer a variety of radon-focused classes. Our radon classes are certified by the National Environmental Health Association’s National Radon Proficiency Program.

The Residential Radon Measurement Certification course gives you the knowledge and skills you need to sail through the NRPP Measurement Certification exam. Additionally, the Radon Mitigation course shows you how to install radon mitigation systems, and it includes a two-day session with a certified mitigator to get you the in-the-field training you need to succeed. You can also take our combination radon mitigation and measurement class so that you can be certified through the NRPP for both measurement and mitigation of radon.

You need to continually refresh your knowledge in the field of radon measurement and mitigation, and our continuing education credit courses enable you to keep your NRPP certifications throughout your career. One of our classes is A History of Radon that gives you more in-depth information about the history behind radon and how it has come into play in our lives today. You might also enjoy Radon Surveys in Schools and Large Buildings, and Radon Reduction in Community, which both offer 16 NRPP continuing education credits.

The Radon: Train the Speaker course is 12 continuing education credits and prepares you with presentation materials and techniques to present about radon to the public, which can help you promote your business. It also prepares you to answer common questions about radon from audience members.

In our Radon-Resistant New Construction practices course, you’ll learn about new ways to install radon control techniques in construction. This course provides eight NRPP continuing education credits. You’ll learn how to use an EPERM from RadElec to measure radon in our Becoming Proficient with RadElec EPERM course. The Radon from a Physician’s Perspective course, Interviews with Radon Experts, and Radon Control Methods courses, along with the RadElec EPERM training all provide four NRPP continuing education credits.

Contact us with any questions you have about our radon classes. We are here to help you choose the best ones to either become certified or maintain your certifications in radon measurement and mitigation. Your work in the field of radon can help save people’s health and even their lives. Get started on that work today.

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