What you need to know about BPI Certification

The Building Performance Institute is an organization that provides a wide range of certifications and standards for the home-building industry. With certificates from BPI, you’ll learn the latest in best practices for various types of contracting. With our BPI certification courses, you’ll be among the best in your field in providing high-quality and safe homes.

We offer preparation materials and provide testing centers for certification, renewal, or re-testing purposes for BPI Building Analyst, BPI Building Envelope, BPI Multifamily Building Analyst, and BPI HEP Quality Control Inspector. You can also avoid having to retake the recertification exams with CEU credits, and we offer several different CEU packages to meet your needs.

In our BPI Building Science Principles course you’ll learn about the basics of building science, such as energy transfer and air leakage, indoor air quality, combustion safety, insulation, lighting and appliances, moisture, and more. You’ll also learn about the topic from the perspective of business so that you can succeed in the home performance industry. This is just one example of the many BPI certification courses we offer.

Others include BPI Building Analyst, BPI Building Envelope, the BPI Analyst & Envelope Combo, BPI Energy Modeling and WorkScope, BPI Infiltration and Duct Leakage, BPI Multifamily Building Analyst Training, and BPI Air Leakage Control Installer. We also offer advanced certification courses in HEP Quality Control Inspector, HEP Energy Auditor Training and Certification, and our BPI Healthy Home Evaluator Training and Certification Package.

BPI is recognized around the world as the best in the building performance industry. Its credentialing is rigorous and its quality assurance program is top-notch. These types of certification are good for those working in the retrofit market for homes that have already been built. With BPI certification, you’re going to be recognized as a knowledgeable and respected professional.

If you’re not sure which type of training would be best for you, feel free to give us a call to select the right certifications for your goals. Our courses are available online and on-demand. They include a variety of learning modes, including video and text. If a practical requirement is part of your course, we can help you find a location near your home to complete that part of your training. Our trainings are convenient and up-to-date with BPI certification requirements. We can help you pass your exams with confidence and to practice your new skills proudly on the job.

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